Namoona 3D Labs is a research organisation founded by Namoona Group in July 2021 in Visakhapatnam (Largest Metropolitan city in Andhra Pradesh, India) to accelerate the manufacturing innovations primarily focusing in India. We at Namoona Labs have partnered with other companies including Autodesk, i3D Fabs, GS 3D Printing, Layerz 3D, Grovect Engineering, GITAM University, Andhra University to help India enter Formula 1 as a new constructor in 2029 season.

We have a 3D Printing Research Lab (50 square feet) in Visakhapatnam for 3D Printing and Prototyping. We provide Virtual Trainings to Engineering Students and Faculty members during weekends.

We have a warehouse (50 square feet) for stocking the finished parts to dispatch to our clients and customers. We are planning to expand into other cities to setup more research labs in India and also in USA, Canada, Germany, UK and Australia.

Key People who have helped in laying the Core Foundation of this Organisation

Mr. A. Nikhil Chaitanya

Founder and CEO

Namoona 3D Labs

Mr. Jim Seelan

Learning Owner, New Product Development

Tata Consultancy Services

Dr. Ramesh P

Program Manager

Autodesk India

Mr. Anand Geethagovindan

Education Lead

Mathworks India

Dr. A. Sandeep

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

GITAM University

Prof. Vijay Bapat

Industrial Design Centre

IIT Bombay

Educators Promoting Engineering and Technological Knowledge Worldwide on YouTube

Grady Hillhouse

Practical Engineering (Civil Engineering Studies)

Grant Sandersen

3Blue1Brown (Mathematical Explanations)

Daniel Shiffman

The Coding Train (Fun packed Coding of Genetic Algorithms and Data Structures)

Jason Fenske

Engineering Explained (Automobile and Mechanical Engineering)

Angus Deveson

Makers Muse (3D printing and prototyping new mechanisms)

Stuart Taylor

Chain Bear F1 (Formula One Racing Technologies and Motorsport Engineering)

Haris Khan

Code with Harry (Coding and Web Development)

Bill Hammack

The Engineer Guy (University of Illinois)

Stuart Webster

Oversimplified (History of the Modern World)

Key Motivational and Inspirational Personalities Encouraging Business and Startup Ecosystems in India and Worldwide

Aman Dhattarwal

Founder and Educator

Apni Kaksha and Apna College

"Tu Phodega ! Khonee ko hai kya ?"

Ranveer Allabadhia

Podcaster on "The Ranveer Show"

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Founder and Motivational Speaker


Ankur Warikoo

Founder of NearBuy

"There has never been a perfect time to Startup than Now in 2021"

Gary Veynerchuk

Founder of Veyner Media

"Don't you want to be happy? But it takes 7 to 11 years of consistency to become successful in what you love doing"

Sean Cannel

Founder of Think Media

"Start before you are ready"

Abhi & Niyu

News Updates Around

Indian Social Issues

"Achche Information ko share karne see phark padta hai !"

Ganesh Prasad & Parsh Kothari

Founders of Think School

Sandeep Maheswari

Motivational Speaker

"Sab kuch apne app se nahi badalta hai, soocho kya kar sakte hain ! Directly paani main nahin doobna hai, pehle pool mai tairna hai"

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