Namoona 3D Academy

FDM 3D Printing Course

How to Tune your FDM Printer

How to Print on FDM Printers

How to Inspect your Parts

How to Test and Ship your Parts

Day 1 - History and Introduction to 3D Printing

Day 2 - Introduction to Fusion 360

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Day 3 - 3D Printing with FDM: Parameters Involved

Day 4 - Live Demo of 3D Printing a part

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Day 5 - Overcoming the Design Challenges

External Aerodynamics Case Study - IN1947 Hypercar

Namoona Motorsport is an organisation that is passionate about getting involved in motorsport and make its way into Formula 1 by 2029 season. As part of this journey, Namoona Motorsport plans to participate in World Endurance Championship in 2028 season with its own Lemans Hypercar  named IN1947 which will become India's first indigenously built Lemans Hypercar after its independence in 1947 and hence its named after that year. The tentative pilot design of the hypercar is analysed in Simscale for its aerodynamic performance. Public Link to the Simscale Project of IN1947 car is here for you to try out and gain some experience in motorsports engineering-

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