Our Clients

Our Past 3D Printing Consultancy Projects (Effective from August 2021 to May 2023)

GITAM University

Project undertaken in November 2021 for 3D printing of robotic gripper

[Update April 2022] : Completed

i3D Fabs

Project undertaken in September 2021 for developing FDM cost estimation tool.

[Update December 2021] : Completed

Andhra University

Project undertaken in February 2023 for transient VIV CFD Analysis of VIVACE devises

[Update May 2023] This Project is temporarily on hold.

Indigo Airlines

Project undertaken in August 2021 for Cargo handling and Improving Indigo Passenger Experience Onboard.

[Update Jan 2022] This Project is no longer active.

Indian Railways

Project undertaken in September 2021 for making Speed Safety Recommendations to DFCCIL.

[Update April 2022] This project is temporarily on hold.

Smart Sanitizers

Project undertaken in October 2021 on Smart Sanitizers for a Shopping mall in Hyderabad.

[Update Jan 2022] This project is no longer active.