Welcome to the World of Prototyping 

*For queries on orders please Email to : nikhilc.freelance@gmail.com | Mention ProtoPrix NM07 in Subject Line

Manufacturer Name: Namoona 3D Labs

Manufacturer Address: Namoona 3D Labs, DNo-9-394-1/12, FlatNo 304, Bhupathi Villa, Visalakshinagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India - 530043

FiA's World Endurance Championship Hypercar prototypes (formerly Lemans LMP1 category)  and FiA's Formula 1 cars are a prototype for us as they are not produced in large numbers. Hence we have named our brand after 'Namoona'

Even our Sports car model NSF25E is also aimed to produce not more than a 100 vehicles per year. So we are more of a prototyping company than a mass producing company.

Namoona 3D Labs is developing its Proprietary AI CAD software called Fusion-ANN and will release the software by June 2024 for commercial use. TO develop such AI CAD software, we have worked with faculty of Vignan's Institute of Information Technology for a technology partnership and knowledge transfer. Introduction to Python API of Autodesk Fusion 360 is available to watch for free (Below Button)

Namoona Entertainment Studios has developed its 3-Channel Music Mixer cum MP3 Player Software in June 2021 and made it available for public through GNU-GPL V3 Opensource license. It is available to download for free from below button.