Learning Resources

Watch these Introductory Videos to help you to Dig Deeper for learning more. These videos will help you to get yourself started. More complete and comprehensive guides are available with the owners of these YouTube videos and can be accessed by regularly following them on YouTube and exploring their videos on their Channel Homepages.

Free Project eBook on "Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics with MATLAB" with practical case study on 2016 Formula 1 Car ------>>

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics with MATLAB [[Latest Updated on November 8th, 2021]

Programming with MATLAB (NPTEL)

Introduction to MATLAB (Nikhils Tutorials)

Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics (Nikhils Tutorials)

Formula 1 Racing Lines Explained (Chain Bear F1)

The Hybrid Power Unit Explained (Chain Bear F1)

Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics (NPTEL

Science of Formula 1 2010 (Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections with BBC)

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Beginners [Latest Updated on November 11th, 2021]

Introduction to Sketching in Fusion 360 (Namoona 3D Labs)

Introduction to 3D Modelling Approach (Namoona 3D Labs)

Introduction to FDM 3D Printing (Namoona 3D Labs)

Overcome Design Challenges in FDM 3D Printing (Namoona 3D Labs)

Fusion 360 (Official YouTube of Autodesk Fusion 360)

Fusion 360 for Absolute Beginners (Product Design Online)

Fusion 360 for Absolute Beginners (Lars Christensen)

Fusion 360 Patch (Surface Modelling) Tips for Machining Fillets (NYC CNC)

3D Print a Maker Coin with Fusion 360 (Maker's Muse)

Fusion 360 Sculpt (Free Form Modelling) (Product Design Online)

Everything about Entrepreneurship [Latest Updated on November 8th 2021]

How to Succeed in a Startup (Dr. Vivek Bindra)

Startup Tips to Students (Dr. Vivek Bindra)

Tips on Starting a New YouTube Chanel (Think Media)

How to Start a Business with No Money (Sandeep Maheswari)

Computer Science Engineering [Latest Updated on November 8th 2021]

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

Introduction to Deep Neural Networks

Roadmap to Web Development (Love Babbar)

Roadmap to Android Development (Love Babbar)

HTML Basics (Code With Harry)

Introduction to CSS (Web Dev Simplified)

Git and GitHub Basics (Anuj Kumar Sharma)

Data Structures and Algorithms with Java (Apni Kaksha)